We RESPECT the integral role that carriers and drivers play in the Transportation Management Services we provide. That is why we offer our carriers the highest industry rates and same day pay with options like Comcheks, direct deposit and overnight mail.

Carrier Support

We recognize the complexity of the transportation business and stay in constant contact with our carriers and drivers. We are extremely sensitive to the needs of the truck drivers and recognize that once the truck has been dispatched, they are the key player in ensuring that the product is delivered on-time and in the proper condition. We RESPECT the fact that the truck driver has a very difficult job and we take every measure possible to assist them each step along the way. The Patterson transportation management team ensures that the paperwork and instructions are clear before the truck is dispatched and assist the driver each mile along the way.

Individual Attention

Patterson plays a central role in ensuring effective communication among all the transportation management players. We support our carriers and drivers when things are going well and especially when problems arise.